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  Hello, my name is showrav das and I am a weight loss enthusiast. I have tried every diet out there and have finally found the one that works for me. I want to share my tips with you so you can also lose enough weight to be happy and healthy.

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 To introduce yourself means to present information about yourself to a stranger. It may be one person, may be two or more persons or may be hundreds or thousands of persons. However, whatever the number, the rules of introduction will be the same and so will the facial language or body language. get all about me.

We humans make many mistakes along the way. But mistakes take our lives from where to where. That can only be understood when we multiply the cost of mistakes. So we correct ourselves by criticizing ourselves without criticizing others or taking mistakes. So instead of criticizing others, before doing something yourself, think about what should be done and what should not be done. my is about me

We cannot or do not judge our own good and bad in the same way that we judge the good and bad of others. If someone is given the task of finding ten faults in another person, he may have found a hundred faults in that person. We can find many faults or mistakes in other's behavior, speech, actions and overall consideration. We can criticize each other about the mistakes or faults of others. Although it is completely inappropriate and wrong. We are often advised to find faults or faults in others and correct them, but that should have been done for ourselves. Criticizing yourself is self-criticism.

How we humans are becoming day by day. What does it mean to not want anyone's good, to always criticize, not to see what is good, to dwell on the bad. No, I'm not talking about you. I am talking about those who do such things.

Hey, you saw how the girl walked.... Hey, why did that lady's sari fall like that? In what sense? It looks so bad.. Shit!... This is the domestic talk... Now let's come to the official talk.. about me Sir, you know they don't really know how to work, I don't understand how your office will run... This Kind words are said only by those who create such an environment to sustain their advantage to grow themselves and make the company their own day by day.

Everywhere there are some sabjanta shams people... like giving orders but nothing in their own achievements. They try to make themselves bigger and humiliate others. Such people do not realize in time that they are in any way shorting themselves.

And although it is bad to say so, these kinds of comments have become a habit of people these days. Who did what? Who is to blame? Checking it etc. There are many people these days who enjoy exposing others' weaknesses in public for no apparent reason. But how many people criticize themselves?

Stand in front of the mirror and question your own conscience? Criticism of others, is it really correct? Vivek will give the right answer.Because conscience always guides us in the right direction

How much do we know about ourselves when we are drunk on criticizing others? Ask yourself these questions first - How perfect am I as a person? What faults do we have? Only then will you see your flaws or weaknesses coming out one by one and finding them is not a very difficult task. Then we will not have much trouble to find our imperfections and solve them.

It's a little difficult to find your own faults and bring them to a solution, but it's not impossible! Because, the first step to self-criticism is to stop ourselves from the mistakes that we see/hear about on a daily basis.

about me Instead of openly criticizing others, you should question your own conscience. In this, the conscience will not give a verdict, it must not go in that direction. And this is self-criticism, which is the result of self-criticism.

To be a good person, you must first know yourself. And he who can criticize himself, and that is the true genius. Because he knows his self, he knows his faults. Don't you need to know yourself before knowing others?
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We have to self-criticize. It will create a positive attitude. Criticism of others will decrease. Because we are not self-criticizing now, we are busy criticizing later. And this is creating extreme chaos in the society and the state.
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